We pledge to cater to the needs of the common people under a single roof through our devoted service realising our full potential focusing on the business goals and future plans of the company so as to continue our good work in terms of both quality and affordability of our medicines. Customer convenience and satisfaction have always been at the pinnacle of our agendas and we would leave no stone unturned to deliver it with the same level of consistency just like we have been doing it for years now.

Being a globally recognized company and one of the very few in the industry to have achieved the G.M.P as per norms set out by the World Health Organization and by the E.U., as well as ISO 9001 class systems for Quality and administration we would be looking forward to make further inroads into the international market in a more commanding fashion.

Operating across multiple continents like Asia, C.I.S, Africa and South America, Saga has been part of a massive transition maintaining world-class standards right through which never saw any dip or compromise in the quality of its medicines. The quality has been exceptional as always and we vow to keep the same standard moving forward.

I would like to wholeheartedly thank all the customers, stakeholders and employees without whom the company wouldn’t have been in the position where it is today.

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