Saga Laboratories is an Indian Pharmaceutical company based in Ahmadabad, India which was established in 1981. It is a very progressive company having global presence and dominance. Saga Labs is a privately owned company manufacturing and supplying finished pharmaceutical products and is one of the largest suppliers of medicines. The satisfaction of the customers and providing good service to them are some of the motives of the company which it constantly wishes to fulfil.

The company is unwavering in its determination to attain excellence in all that it does and sets the highest standards for itself in the areas of health, safety, quality, cost and research and development programs. It has a philosophy which involves continuous improvement. Releasing the potential of the company and where it stands in the market always helps.

The aim of the company is to go further in delivering outstanding performance for all the customers. Fresh thinking and innovation is coupled with advanced technology to produce the products. Focusing on customer needs and encouraging innovation and creativity is really important. The team is absolutely focused when it comes to improvement of products and the team members work together to deliver the promises. They treat each other with a lot of respect and they keep the work environment peaceful.

The organization is driven by quality and its members are obsessed with continuously improving the quality of products offered to the customers. It is still run by technocrats and experts of its field. Quality is a culture here and it is maintained that the quality of the medicines do not fall. Saga Labs is certified by the Govt of India as a Star Export House operating internationally.

The management of the entire process from production to supplying and exporting is top notch and well executed. New efforts are made each day to enhance the quality of the pharmaceutical formulations. New divisions are incorporated in the plan and it is especially taken care that complete coverage to wellness and life care is provided. Food supplements, Herbal medicinal products, pharmaceutical supplements and Nutraceuticals are supplied to the buyers.

It is approved by EU-GMP/PICS for supplying the supplements to regulated markets and abroad. Saga laboratories has won several awards and accomplishments including the India SME 100 Award, GCCI Outstanding Export Performance Award, Business Excellence Award and Gujarat SME Excellence Award. It provides tasteful elegant packaging and internationally acclaimed quality of products.


Our mission is to benefit the quality of human health and promote positive health care by developing, manufacturing and marketing good quality medicines at affordable prices. Our core values incorporate dedication, discipline, commitment and constant endeavour to better ourselves in the realm of providing high-quality medicines. In our goals, we are not just confined in leveraging profits but we understand the essence of medicines in people’s life and thereby also practise the noble and humanitarian aspect of service ensuring that it reaches the doors of all who need it.

Research Based Company

The Indian pharmaceutical companies need to be more innovative to emerge and make advancements in the research and development field.Research and development in the pharma industry is concentrated on the processes. Many Leading companies in India have started manufacturing and marketing. The Saga labs devote a lot of their time and energy in Research & Development and it has been the core of the Saga business strategy for a long time. They are constantly improving the products and plan to include the latest developed techniques in their product manufacturing.

Saga ensures clinical competence of its products and involves bio-availability and bio-equivalence research to its supplement formulations. Their team consists of expert doctors recognized in their profession who perform the studies conducted. Saga Labs has introduced a wide range of drugs. The research and development clinical studies help Saga in its development and in formulations of new drugs.

Saga constitutes of an independent formulation department for the medicines and drugs where novel and innovative methods are used in the manufacturing process. The manufacturing processes are validated in order to ensure that the methods and formulations are according to the required specifications. These novel ideas are mainly aimed at producing stable curative formulations. Meticulous stability testing is required for the execution of such novel ideas and new formulations. The aim is to provide advanced drugs to help people cure better.